We supply : Vehicle/Heavy Equipment/Driver Group: نحن استخدمنا سائقين     Driver-Heavy (Truck, Lorry)- سائق عمومي ) شاحنة ، معدات )     Driver Light (Car, Microbus, Pickup) سائق خاص ) جيب ، ميكروباس ، فيكاف)     Heavy Equipment Operators, Like- Trailer/Forklift/ Cranes سائق آليات الطرق ) رافعة شوكية ، رصاصة ، شيول     Auto Mechanic (Petrol/Diesel) ميكانيكي سيارات ) بترول ، بنزين )     Heavy Duty mechanics ميكانيكي آليات ثقيلة عام     Auto Painter دهان سيارات     Auto Denter سمكري سيارات     Turner خراط     Hotel and Catering Staff Group: موظفين في فنادق والمطابخ     Managers مدير     Public Relation Officers مدير مواصلات العوام     Chef رئيس طباخ     Cooks (Continental/ Chinese/Arabian) طاهي عام ) صيني/ عربي )     Assist. Cooks مساعد طباخ     Kitchen Helpers مساعد مطبخ     Waiters. Stewards مباشر ، سفرجي     Supervisors مراقب     Food & Beverage managers مدير مواد غذائية     Sales & Marketing بائع التجارية     Accountant, Cahiers محاسب ، أمين     Bakery Man. خباز     Serviceman موظف     Security Officers/Guards. موظف حارس     Building construction Contracting & farming Group مجموعة المباني للتجارة والمقاولات     Welders لحام     Heavy Welder لحام عام     Carpenters (Shuttering/Finishing) نجار مباني / نجار أثاث     Masons-cum Plasterers بناء و مليس     Tiles/Marble Fixers. مبلط / مبلط الرخام     Painters (Wall/Spray) دهان عام / دهان با الرش     Plumbers (Pipe Fitter) سباك     Steel Fixers حداد     Electricians (House) كهربائي     Foreman مراقب     Construction Labours عامل معماري     General Farmers عامل مزارع     Green House Farmers عامل زراعي     Office personal Management Group: مدير المكاتب الخاصة     Office Executive مدير التنفيذي     Asst. Managers نائب مدير     Manager-Marketing, Sales, Admin. مدير التجارية / بائع     Accountant/Cashiers محاسب ، امين     Secretary سكرتير     Clerk, Typists عامل طابع     Computer Programmers برامج كمبيوتر     Salesman بائع     Tea Boys./Office boys عامل شاهي / عامل مكتب     Engineers & Doctors Group : مهندس و الأطباء     Diploma Engineers مهندس ديبلم     Civil Engineers مهندس مدني     Mechanical Engineers مهندس ميكانيكي     Tele-Com Engineers مهندس تلفون     Architectures مهندس معماري     Surveyors مساح     Doctor-General طبيب عام     Doctor-Specialist طبيب اختصاصي     Nurses-Female/Male ممرض / ممرضة     Pathologists اختصائي بعلم الامراض     Garments & Textile Group: خياطة والملابس الجاهزة :     Tailors (Sewing) خياط     Pattern Makers صانع     Cutting Masters مفصل ملابس     Production Manager مدير صناعية     Supervisor مراقب     Helpers. مساعد     Others : وغير ذلك     Loaders حمال     Cleaners عامل نظافة     Barbers حلاق     Laundryman/Workshop man عامل مغسلة / عامل ورشه     And All kinds of Labours except Shepherd جميع أنواع المهن بالخبرة عدا عامل تربية مواشي


Praising to the Almighty Allah who is the creator of this whole creation of the Universe and peace and blessing be upon the prophet Muhammad (s) and His companies. We like to thank you very much for your kind interest to search information about us and our activities regarding manpower supply from Bangladesh. We feel a great proud of our RAHMAN OVERSEAS having years to years of experience a providence of appropriate manpower at appropriate place meant for the position of skilled. Semi-skilled and unskilled field in abroad with the well satisfaction of the employers.
We have been keenly observing for the last several years that there has been a growing and increasing demand of skilled and unskilled work force particularly in the Gulf countries. Specially in Saudi Arabia united Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar , Kuwait, Iraq and these days Libya and in the other side Malaysia Brunei, Singapore and Korea as well as because of their industrialization and national development activities. Regarding the above factor, the employers of these countries now looking for a hard laborer’s traditional country, like Bangladesh, because, Bangladeshi workers are either skilled or unskilled are highly dedicated to their work by hard labor. Maintaining obedience to the employer to the employer by honesty and religious afraid ness.

The employers generally prefer an organization who is fully professional for their jobs by experience and efficiency. Considering this view. RAHMAN OVERSEAS is like this one professional and efficient organization who always try its best to keep a good relation with the employer’s firm by accurate placement of manpower according to the employer’s demand. RAHMAN OVERSEAS is fully equipped with all kind of modern communication facilities with a group of highly professional and dedicated executives and supporting staff including lot of field workers who are always keen and render their best services for the greater interest of overseas employers RHAMAN OVERSEAS always try its best to supply the manpower as early as the employer’s demand.
In the selection period of the workers or technicians, we always think that the employer is present here to choose their candidates though the employer is not present here. As a result, our valued employers get their workers as they expected. And as reflection of our dedication. We achieved several award including two GOLD MEDAL and crest in home and abroad as recognition of our contribution to manpower export from Bangladesh to abroad we are always conscious to keep our reputation with the most satisfaction of our valuable clients and to safe our existence in the competitive international market.
For this thy, we are confident to assure our all well wishers and client as our slogan RAHMAN OVERSEAS:
Assurance of solid &swift service. And motto our first success job will bring the next job.
We are always conscious keep our reputation with the most of our valuable clients and to safe our existence in the competitive international market. So, we are satisfaction highly hopeful and will be grateful if you would remember us for your any kind of manpower service form Bangladesh. We thank you very much again for your kind attention and wishing your best success with the mercy of Almighty Allah.